Do you know you have more potential, but find yourself avoiding taking action in the way you know you can?

Even If You Think You're 'Different' & What

Works For Others Might Not Work For You

In business there are Sheep, and there are Lions. Sheep follow, get distracted, graze all day, and get told where to go. Lions are hungry, disciplined, are leaders, and mark their territory.

See the difference?

This September, I invite you to unlock your inner Lion, create a 6-figure IMPACT plan for your business, and start acting like a top level CEO (Using the Lion's Code Method).

Probably the greatest issue you're facing right now is not knowing where to get started. You've probably seen other people around you successfully launch their own businesses and escape the 9-5 grind, but you think...

I'm different, it might not work for me...

I can guarantee right now you're probably:

  • Feeling stuck in your business and not sure what to do next which is making you feel overwhelmed.

  • Lacking clarity, what direction you should take, how to move forward, which means you can't put in 100%.

  • Un-motivated because nothing you do seems to work, which is leading to you becoming more and more frustrated.

  • Worried that taking the plunge into becoming a business owner might not be the right decision for you and could put you behind financially.

  • Thinking that you are different, what has worked for others might not work for you, and if it doesn't work, you've wasted time and money.

I'll Let You In On An Insider Secret

Every Single Entrepreneur Has Had These Same Feelings... You Are Not Different & You Are Not Alone

I am here to help you break through so you can easily start unlocking the success that is definitely there in you and in your future business (maybe you just can't see it).

You're not different... you're stuck, just like EVERY other business owner has been at some point.

At the moment you probably feel like you're on one side of a raging river and you want to be on the other. There's not a bridge you can see, no boat, you're stuck, you don't know what to do.

You've seen other people get up the courage to swim across or build a little boat, but you're different, maybe if you tried that, you'd fail.

Why would you fail though? You've been taught how to swim by the same teachers as the others, but you are different, maybe you'd fail.

Right here is your problem... you're not different. You just think you are because you are subconsciously conditioned to 'protect yourself' from things that are new.

I've Been Exactly Where You Are.

Not 24 months ago I was still working for the man, grinding day in day out. I never worked a typical 9-5, I used to work 1 week on 1 week off, but on my week on, I was away from my family.

I was the definition of stuck. I saw people around me making huge changes, but I thought I was different, and somehow, what they were doing wouldn't work for me.

It Wasn't Until I Overcame What Was Going On Between My Ears That I Finally Started Succeeding

I know where you are because I was there. But I am not anymore.

It doesn't matter what business you're in or where you currently are, I have the proven method for you.

The Proven Method - The Lion's Code, 10 Pillars to Unleash Your Inner Lion.

The Lion's Code has been developed over the past three years through over $100k invested into personal development programs, observing over 100 clients, and by deeply reading and learning from the best in personal development, neurolinguistics, and neuroscience.

This ten pillar formula has been designed to help you go from half-in and on the fence, to acting like a top level CEO.

Outcomes from this program include:

  • Become "Unstuck".
  • Find Crystal Clear Clarity
  • Gain Massive Momentum
  • Overcome Overwhelm
  • Maintain Momentum
  • Ignite Your Business To Life
  • Build and flesh out your strategic 6-figure IMPACT plan to move forward

Cameron Doesn't Stop Here!

In this program we will also:

  • Customize your Business Blueprint.
  • Transform your psychology for business.
  • Gain clarity at the next level of your life.
  • Transform and integrate this into a step-by-step daily growth process.
  • Create FUSION between who you are, and your business values and mission.

Stop Procrastinating & Start Becoming The Person You Can Easily Be...

But wait, I am not done yet...

This course also includes:

  • 2 x 1:1 Specialised FYRE Coaching Session with Cameron
  • 12 x Group Sessions of Accountability Coaching
  • A step by step process using the Lion's Code formula
  • 12-Module Workbook
  • Weekly Planning and Review Sessions
  • Facebook Group

Sooo...How will Hungry Lions Work? To start with:

This program is now accepting MONTHLY intakes!

EVERY WEEK, Cameron teaches the 10 pillars to grow and unlock the HUNGRY Lion within you (30-minutes of teaching). Cameron dives into the psychology + mindset of successful Entrepreneurs and gives you the exact technique to discover the deeper reasons why you may not be moving forward with ease.

THEN, As Lions do, we hunt in packs. We will spend 30-40 minutes Masterminding and coaching on different ideas and strategies members of the group are accessing. you will redefine your capacity to take full responsibility for the results you get, and then lay out a simple pathway forward in business.

During the 1:1 Sessions, Cameron will show you how to connect your values and belief systems with the compelling vision you have for the future in your business. Further, you will begin to take FULL responsibility for the results you get (Most people attempt to blame external forces for their business struggles). This is where we put it all together and give you massive energy and momentum.

It has been shown through various neuroplasticity studies that the quickest way to make changes in your life is to emotionally feel what it feels like to achieve a certain goal in your life. This emotion changes the neural pathways in your brain to find ways to achieve whatever you set as the intention.

Here’s Everything You’re Getting Today Inside This Proven Blueprint Program

The program is $1995 — a very fair price based on what it delivers.


If escaping the 9-5 is important to you. If becoming a successful business owner is something you have to become. If making your business grow is a must— you need this program.


If you are still reading, then obviously something resonated with you. Don't put it off any longer, invest in yourself today.

One more point. It might provide you with certainty:

If you are not aware of your Lion energy right now, you may over think the decision to join this program, that is even more reason to join, because to succeed and grow in business, you need to be willing and ready to accept change, and embrace investing into your own growth.

Don't Believe Just Me

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